This holiday season, your gift to Global Fund for Children is an investment for a better and more inclusive tomorrow for children and young people everywhere.

All gifts made by December 31, 2023, will be DOUBLED by a GFC Board Member! When you help us raise $100,000 this holiday season, it immediately becomes $200,000 and will enable children and youth around the world to receive the support they need to grow up safe and cared for despite instability, war, and conflict. Here are just two ways your gift will make a difference:  

  • Enable Ukrainian children to access education. With funds from GFC, our local partners operate co-working spaces with generators to ensure uninterrupted power supply, so that children can take online classes and complete their studies comfortably and safely.
  • Keep children safe from political violence. During national elections in Sierra Leone, children have often been the victims of political violence and initimidation. Youth-led GFC partner organizations are stepping in to protect their peers and themselves while educating their communities on violence prevention. 

With your support to Global Fund for Children this holiday season, so much more can be done to improve the lives of children and youth across the world. 

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